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“A Day at De’ Chruse Pet Shop”

Last Thursday, October 12, the Grade 1 students had an amazing time during their field trip to De’ Chruse Pet Shop. The trip was to help the students understand the needs of the animals that people care for.


The students were able to see the different facilities available in the pet shop. For example, on the ground floor, there was a store with grooming kits, toys, food, and cages. On the next floor, the students were asked to put on masks as they visited the animal hotel. It was where pets like dogs and cats were kept while their owners were away. One of the staff encouraged them to pet some cats. On the same floor, the students were interested to find out what an animal salon was. They were able to see the area and some tools used for shampooing and blow drying.  

The most interesting time was when the students met the veterinarians. It was an exciting demonstration and discussion when the vets explained the steps in doing a routine check-up with the animals. Each student had a chance to participate in using the medical instruments to check the animal’s heartbeat and ears. Students showed their enthusiasm too as they had lots of questions for the vets. The most important thing that they learned was the importance of the job as animal doctors and how they take good care of all kinds of animals.

Overall, it has been a good experience for the Grade 1 students. The trip ended with a photo session with Drh. Al Khosim and his cute pet, Bronzo.

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