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Last August 31, 2016, a Dentist from Awal Bros has visited the Grade 1 A and B classes as part of their Unit of Inquiry on ‘Who We Are’ with the Central Idea “Making Balanced choices enable us to have healthy lifestyle”.


The students are all excited to meet the Dentist, Lisa Indra Hendari, Drg. She has discussed about our teeth and the things that we can do to make it healthy. This has been followed by a general discussion with children, enthusiastically asking questions and learning lots of interesting facts. The audience and speaker have discussed the links between eating a balanced diet and healthy teeth and gums.


Everyone is eager to listen and the children also have shared some of their experiences about their teeth. The children were shown a demonstration on how to brush their teeth effectively, to prevent tooth decay. The students have gone out of the area and applied immediately what the Dentist has told them on how to properly brush their teeth.


A big thank you goes out to Drg. Lisa for helping us with our science focused inquiry and making it such a fun filled, engaging morning.


By Ms. Marilou de Leon, Ms. Dewi Ong and Ms. Desi Masruhah (Grade 1 Homeroom Teachers)

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