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Grade 2 Field Trip

to Batam Landfill in Telaga Punggur

Field trip is a part of the learning engagements for the students to understand and explore more on the Unit Lesson.


On Monday, February 20, 2017, the Grade 2 students and teachers had a fieldtrip to Batam Landfill, Telaga Punggur. Students go through and understand   where our rubbish goes or ends up, how the people in landfill manage all the rubbish that comes from different places in Batam and understand the effects of rubbish on our environment.

When we arrived at the landfill office area, the students saw a lot of garbage trucks in and out and on the other areas, they saw mountains of waste.  The landfill workers brought us first to the composting area to show and explain the procedures on how they do composting organic materials (biodegradable) with machine. For the non-biodegradable wastes, they export it to Jakarta and Singapore for recycling and making new things.

After that, we moved to another place where we could find the water waste. They showed and explained to us also how they manage the dirty water from the landfill. The students witnessed the contaminated black water came from the mountain of waste and it has been sterilised first to remove the bacteria before the workers put them back to the sea so as to prevent water pollution and for the safety of underwater living things/sea creatures.

According to the landfill workers, they don’t have incinerators yet; but they have planned to make a power plant / energy from waste soon, to be able to manage well the rubbish/ waste in Batam.


During the fieldtrip, students were able find out that landfill has taken a big role in our place. Though, it has a dirty and stinky ambience,   they have learnt a lot about rubbish/waste.


- by  Ms. Mecho Urbiztondo, Grade 2B Homeroom Teacher

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