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Grade 2 PYP Assembly

Sharing the Planet – Rubbish/Waste

On February 28, 2017, the Grade 2 students shared their learning experiences from their 4th Unit of Inquiry. The central idea of this unit is “Understanding the uses and effects of rubbish to the environment help people to use and dispose materials.”

Rubbish is the main problem in every place. We can see rubbish anywhere and this is also the main cause of air and water pollution. It is harmful to our health and living things if we do not reduce and dispose them properly. But how we can reduce and dispose our waste that we generate in our daily lives?  


During the  PYP Assembly, the Grade 2 students have  exhibited the effects/impacts of rubbish/waste on the environment, how to manage the waste, how to maintain a free rubbish earth and deliver inspirational messages on how would it be like,  our earth with and without rubbish around us through their authentic and student-led performances. 


Ms. Mecho

Grade 2B Homeroom Teacher

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