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SGIA Grade 8 students visit East Java

Batu, Malang, also known as the City of Apples, is popular as one of the enchanting tourist destinations in East Java. It has a cool atmosphere because Batu, Malang is dominated by a lot of mountains, Mount Anjasmoro, Mount Arjuno, Mount Weirang, Mount Kawi, Mount Banyak, Mount Panderman, Mount Semeru and Mount Wukir. We can find the green scenery as far as the eyes can see. Those conditions helped us choose Batu, Malang as the perfect destination for our field trip which was conducted on 9 through 13th of September 2018. This exposure allowed the students to experience an education outside the borders of any classroom. There are many interesting places that offer exciting experiences for students to learn, to have fun, and to create beautiful memories. Spending five days at Batu, Malang, students have visited some great places that enable them to experience both nature and technology. For the first day, after arriving at Batu, Malang, students had lunch at the local restaurant. The food in Batu, Malang was very unique and tasty. The first venue in this field trip would be Museum Angkut where students can explore and get a brief explanation about the various types of transportations, and the history of them, both in traditional and modern way. There was also a simulation of a Formula 1 cars, people could actually try out a simulation where they could “drive” a car and see various scenarios of a racer and give an almost real visual display of the driver. There was also many replicas of famous cities displayed there to let students experience many different big cities in the world with their culture and tradition.

On the second day, the students visited Museum Satwa and Batu Secret Zoo which was located in Jawa Timur Park 2 where they can see a zoo with the great concept with various collections of animals that were placed some in glass cages and others surrounded with their habitat. Students also saw many unique animals, many varieties of monkeys, snakes, birds, and so on, enjoyed seals attraction and feeding camels. By visiting the Museum Satwa, students figured out that the extinct animals were preserved after they died, and saw fossils of many prehistoric animals.


On the fourth day, we took the bus to Taman Safari 2. Most of our students were very excited to see all the unique animals especially the carnivores like the lions and tigers from a different point of view. The animals weren’t actually locked in a cage; they were in their natural habitats which was very unique. The kids were also very excited because there was a theme park where the kids could express their real selves. In Taman Safari 2 there were also a lot of different shows from animals that come from different parts of the world. We learned a lot about the history of the animals, from which part of the world did they come from and much more, we also watched a live show about Indiana Jones, the kids were very interested in the show, some animals were also featured . The students could also take photos with different animals. It became a very tiring day because we were walking around all day, but the most important thing was that the students’ interest in learning combined with having fun made for an exciting classroom.

Students visited Eco Green Park and The Bagong Adventure: Museum Tubuh on the third day. They experience a lot of different and educational activities. Also at Eco Green Park, students learned about recycling, saw some of the exotic animals especially birds, and also the students learned something’s about agriculture, how to make biofuel, and how to make natural fertilizers. Most of the decorations in the Eco Green Park are made from recycled materials. For example, the elephant statue was made from broken electronics such as old broken televisions, broken phones and much more, there was also a dragon statue that was made from recycled water bottles. To help the students capture understand more about what they are learning, they were given some worksheets that where required be completed after the end of the explanation by the knowledgeable guides. After lunch, the students visited The Bagong Adventure: Museum Tubuh to learn more about the human body and its functions. At about 4 pm, the students finished their adventure at The Bagong Adventure: Museum Tubuh then we proceeded to the apple farm near Mount Arjuno where some students picked apples. There were apples orchards everywhere, with different varieties of apples. As a city that produces apple at Java, Malang people market a lot of various foods from apples like cakes, strudels, crackers, drinks, and much more that can be sold to tourists and local people. The museum tubuh was a very fascinating museum, as they were showing very detailed things about the human body and included many simulations of the human anatomy.

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