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Grade  1  Goes  to  Singapore  Zoo

Going for a field trip is one way for our students to experience a more holistic and combined picture of the information about the concepts we are learning. It is not enough for them to learn information that is presented in a textual and abstract way. Therefore, learning is enriched and reinforced with sensory and intellectual inputs from having this kind of activity.

So, in relation to our Unit of Inquiry on Sharing the Planet, our Grade 1 students are set to go to Singapore Zoo. This is all in line with our lines of inquiry on Animals so the students can personally learn and see animals in action. Apart from the Zoo experience, they also learnt how to be independent and responsible on their own. The experiences of going through the Immigration, lining up and queuing are also an avenue for us teachers to discuss with our students the realities of life.

The long wait is over…

We arrived safely in Singapore and reached our destination on time. Pictures, pictures, pictures!!! Everyone posed happily in front of the camera.  For our first stop, we went to the Zoorasic Park where we learned that the dinosaurs were the first animals here on Earth. Students enjoyed seeing replica of these dinosaurs and they were surprised to see that these creatures are also divided into groups based on what they eat. They realized why they do not exist anymore and what could be the reason for this.

For our second stop, we took a long walk to experience the animals in Wild Africa area. We got to see them closely and observed their behavior. Our students realized that zoo, actually cannot replace the real habitat of these animals. They feel happy for the experience of seeing the animals but also, they are quite sad because they want them to be back to where they are supposed to be.

Lunch time! Because of the long and tiring walk, our students were tired and hungry. We rested for a while and had our lunch together at KFC. This is also an opportunity for everyone to talk about their prior experience on our first 2 stops. After which, we continued our trip and went to  the Rainforest area. This is one of the best experiences that we have had because we saw the animals on the loose and interact with one another in a man-made Rainforest habitat. Lemurs, bats, ducks, white-faced monkeys are some of the animals they saw.

Tram ride going to our last stop is the next thing that our students experienced. All of them are still energetic and excited to see the “Rainforest Fights Back Show”. This show taught us that there is a continuous destruction of our environment and it affects all the wild life living in it. Animals showed some examples of the things that destroy their habitat and how these animals feel about it. It was a great learning experience for us.

Before heading to the exit, we passed at the Arctic Area where the students get to see closely the Polar Bear. This was a good ending for our trip since we don’t get to see this animal in Indonesia. They watched the Polar Bear swim and play in the water. Then again, the students realized that its enclosure is not a good habitat for the bear.

One thing that our students kept on saying after the trip, “We are tired, but we are happy”. It was a fulfilling experience for everyone. We learned and realized a lot about animals. The most important lesson that we have in this trip is to really take care of our environment so the animals can live freely and happily on their own habitat.


Ms. Malou

Grade 1B Homeroom Teacher

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