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Grade 1 Field Trip to the Pet Center (Pet Supply Shop and Clinic)

Our First Graders were all excited to go to a fieldtrip to De’Chruse Pet Center where we have met the owner and also the resident Veterinarian – Drh. Feri. This fieldtrip is part of our further exploration to our current Unit of Inquiry “Sharing the Planet”. Our central idea is “Animals have roles to sustain the needs of other lives in the environment.”


Grade 1 and B went on the said place on separate days last 8-9 February, 2017. The students went around seeing some animal products and they were surprised to see that animals, too - have similarities to us humans in terms of their needs. They are intrigued about the toys, pet houses, medicines and grooming tools.

The Grade 1 classes also had a chance to go up and visit the pet hotel where they saw a lot of cats and dogs being groomed and  are well taken cared. The students were all happy to see different kinds of cats. They were able to touch one of the cats and realize that cats can be a good pet too like dogs. They transferred to the Dog area of the hotel and got excited and happy to see different dog breeds. Their encounter with a Shitzu puppy completed the tour in the Pet Hotel.


The students also visited the Pet Salon where they saw how the assistants groom dogs and cats. They were able to see step by step the process of doing the grooming and understood the need for these pets to be groomed.

The last part of the fieldtrip was meeting the resident Veterianarian, Drh. Feri. They are all thrilled by the kind of work he is doing. Drh. Feri has explained many things about his daily activities and the kinds of animals brought to him. He explained that animals need to be taken cared of and have them check by the doctor to ensure their health. Responsibility according to him starts with us as being the owner of these pets. He also emphasised that we need to take care not only of our pets but other animals too. The Grade 1 students’ curiosity makes them question the vet a lot and the most important thing that they have learnt for that day is the importance of his job as an animal doctor and how he takes good care of all kinds of animals.

Overall, it has been a good experience for the Grade 1 students and the trip ended with a photo session with Drh. Feri and the dog. J


- Ms. Malou, Grade 1 B Homeroom Teacher

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