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K2 Field Trip to Batam Water Sources

On Tuesday, February 7, 2017, K2 students had a field trip to several places to see some water sources around Batam. This is in connection with finding out the different sources of water with regard to the current transdisciplinary theme – “Sharing the Planet”.


Among the places they went to were the Citra Batam Pond and the Ocarina Beach. Another important place that the K2 students went to was at ATB.  There, the staff member was with us to show see the facilities where ATB processes the water gathered from the dam and how it is distributed to homes. The students heard that ATB gets its water supply from the rain collected in the dams they built since there are no lakes or rivers to get them from.

This field trip has helped paved the way in letting the students start understanding the concern for saving water and how ‘water cycle’ is important in maintaining the availability of water. 


- Ms. Dian Anggraini, K2 Homeroom Teacher

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