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K3 Unit of Inquiry 2: How The World Works

Central Idea: Matter has characteristics that will determine its use.

“Making Slime by Grade 4 Students”

In line with the student’s inquiry on how matter changes, the K3 students want to know how to make slime. Therefore, we have invited some in-house resource speakers, the Grade 4 students of SGIA, to show the process of making slime.

The K3 students were very excited; yet very curious where slime is made from. The Grade 4 students, Yunita and Terysa were the representatives who exhibited, shared their knowledge, brought some materials (such as glue, food colouring, cream and slime activator) and demonstrated how to create slime in front of the K3 students. The speakers have shown the step-by -step process of making slime. The kids were amazed to watch how the process came through and they kept saying “Wow!”

The Grade 4 volunteers successfully did the slime and they also shared the fact that there are three kinds of slime. Way to go, Yunita and Terysa!

Finally, the K3 students were happy and enlightened by the experience. “Thank you” Grade 4 students for being knowledgeable and showing your support to the youngsters.

By Mr. Sahaposan Manullang,

K3 Homeroom Teacher

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