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The Third Graders’ fifth Unit of Inquiry is under the transdisciplinary theme, ‘How We Express Ourselves’. The unit focuses on similar themes of tales that appear in different cultures. The PYP attitudes that we have chosen are creativity, appreciation, enthusiasm and confidence. We hope that the third graders will become more creative, they can appreciate other cultures, and they will have enthusiasm and confidence in telling stories.

Learning by

Observing and Experiencing

On Friday, April 7, 2017 we have had Mrs. Heather Stewart Johnson, an Australian and a former teacher in Sekolah Global Indo-Asia (SGIA), as our resource speaker. She told us two stories, which are “Tiddly the Frog” and “How Koala Got Stumpy Tail” which have taught us how to respect others. She is a good story teller who has made the third graders amazed on the way she delivers the stories. Her different voices for different characters and her gestures in demonstrating non-verbal communication allow people to transcend language barriers.  Moreover, she is not reading a book when she is telling a story. The students also got a chance to observe and experience how a native English speaker tells a story.

By having this experience, we can appreciate other culture. We do hope that third graders and teachers would be able to implement the way Mrs. Heather tells a story to audiences. Our teachers and students will be more creative and more confident in telling stories to others. Practice makes perfect; the more we practise in telling a story the better we deliver it. We also want to express our gratitude to our school leaders for giving us chance to have Mrs. Heather as our resource speaker.

“Story telling is about connecting to other people and helping people to see what you see.”

~ Michael Margolis




Ms. Dewati

G3B Homeroom Teacher

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