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Ms. Dewi Ong Undergoes Training

Held by the Ministry of Education and Culture

On July 21 – 30, 2016, our Grade 1 teacher, Ms. Dewi Ong, participated in a workshop on “Pembekalan Instruktur Nasional/Mentor Guru Pembelajar Mata Pelajaran IPA SD” at Novotel, Batam.


The aim of the workshop is to prepare National Instructors for guiding teachers to achieve well-prepared professional teachers with competent pedagogical skills.


Ms. Dewi was among 159 participants who were selected from schools located in Kepulauan Riau Province.


We are also proud to inform you that she has been selected as one of the participants with the highest achievement based on the exams’ results held at the end of her training. Well done, Ms. Dewi!


By: Dewi Ong and Peggy Ratulangi

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