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We Are Part of A Society

Human beings are part of this world. We come from many places and tribes; we have different languages then we meet in a place or group as we have common needs and interests.

In this second Unit of Inquiry, we learn about the transdisciplinary theme, “Where We Are in Place and Time” which focuses on societies having cultural differences, yet are united by common needs and interests of the community.

To help the third graders get deeper understanding about society, we have invited three resource speakers as the representative of some societies. Mrs. Puji Triwistari Ningrum, a secretary, has helped students become more familiar with the community in the working world. There are about sixty active members and a hundred members of Indonesian Secretary Association in Batam. Mrs. Karen Elizabeth Miller has shared her experiences as an expatriate in Indonesia. She has come to Batam without knowing places to go and cannot speak Indonesian language; yet people in Batam are so friendly and help her to acquire some information. She also brought us to know more about her country, Scotland, which is a part of United Kingdom. Our third resource speaker is Ms. Mery Desma Yenti whose interest is in Zumba and she is a member of the Zumba Fitness Community in Batam which is also linked to Singapore, Malaysia and many countries in the world. There is also a community for kids, named Zumba Kids.

Students and teachers have been engaged with the speakers who have helped us become more open-minded. We are not alone; we are connected to other job associations, civilization groups, sport communities and many other societies. Diversities make this world more beautiful and attractive.

Ms Dewati – Grade 3B Homeroom Teacher


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