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ELEMENTARY Second Semester SY 2016-2017

After-School Activities 

Our Second Semester ASA for Primary Department have commenced last March 06, 2017 giving way to Cooking as the most sought activity where 44 students from K3 to Grade 4 are enrolled on Mondays. 

The Soccer sessions for both Upper and Lower Primary Students have been combined where 23 students are enrolled from K3 to Grade 4. 

There are 9 students enrolled in Basketball, 11 in Choir and 18 students for Modern Dance. 

Unfortunately, Taekwondo has been dissolved since we have not met the minimum number of participants.

The Grade 5 students would not be joining this semester as they have to prepare for their PYP Exhibition and Pemantapan Review for National Students.

This term, we are also lucky to have the Grade 11 Students - David, Galvien and Marcus as their CAS Project, to provide for Science Experiment ASA for our Grades 3-4 Students. They will be giving fun-filled and interesting experiments for in 8 sessions from March 22 to May 10, 2017. 

We hope to see all our kids enjoy and learn a lot from their chosen ASA.

Great thanks to our Teacher Supervisors for preparing for each session and the parents, for their continued trust and support.

Ms Edina Araneta Sarenas
Primary Department, Principal

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