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PYP Overview for Parents and Students

More than 30 parents and students attended our first PYP Induction for parents and students for this school year, which was held on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at the Primary Department’s PD Room.

The event was held to give an overview of what the curriculum is in the PYP, how the practices look like in the classroom, and the PYP perspective on Assessment.

Parents were asked to have direct experiences on the inquiry approach and in the assessment process. They were involved in some of our learning experiences using thinking routines (“See-Think-Wonder” and “Think-Puzzle-Explore”) to have a better understanding on the teaching and learning in PYP.


The session was designed to be interactive so as to elicit a lot of participation coming from the parents and students for their better understanding of the programme.   

It was an enjoyable moment to see parents and students interact and participate in the event.


We thank all parents and students who have attended the session and we look forward for having more similar sessions to give more information about PYP to the school community.

Peggy O.A. Ratulangi

PYP Coordinator, SGIA

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