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SGIA Meet and Greet July 2016

Traditionally, the school holds a day to meet and greet our parents. This practice is done to introduce the teachers, staff and leaders for the new school year.

Our Operations Manager, Mrs. Indah Salazar has introduced the SGIA staff members who are in full support of the academic programmes through the Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, Marketing, Admissions and General Affairs departments.

The Primary Department, headed by Mrs. Edina Araneta-Sarenas has introduced the ECC, Elementary and Single Subject Teachers who are responsible for offering and implementing the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme  for a decade now at SGIA.  Mrs. Peggy O. A. Ratulangi remains to be our PYP Coordinator.  Mrs. Heni Rustianti is our Kepala Sekolah for ECC and Mrs. Sulastri is our Kepala Sekolah for Elementary.

Mr. Chris Dumo, who is a comeback teacher, is now our new Secondary Principal who has also introduced to our audience the Secondary Faculty members who are offering Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Diploma Programme (DP).  Mr. Ismail is our new Vice Principal and Academic Director who works along with the DP Coordinator and CIE Coordinator, Ms. Jovelyn de los Santos and Mr. Roger Calamayan respectively.

With solid teamwork and profound collaboration, SGIA aims to provide a positive and energetic atmosphere to all students and parents in beginning the school year and maintaining this throughout the year and the years ahead.


It is also a time for the academic team to present pertinent matters for parents’ perusal especially about curriculum, students’ needs, and background about the school programme.


The proper way of wearing the school uniforms has been topped by Mrs. Indah Salazar, our Operations Manager by showing to the audience the children who can model the appropriate ways of dressing up with the regular school uniform, PE, House-shirt and Batik for both boys and girls from Primary and Secondary.


SGIA aims to develop in children, the discipline and self-control especially in complying with the school’s policies.


As teachers in SGIA, we facilitate the well-rounded development of our children’s education by demonstrating the attributes of the IB Learner Profile where we also become the examples to our students.

This year, we have involved all the teachers to introduce themselves to their parents about the things they have done for the first week of classes and by welcoming them at their arrival in school.

As a team, we know that the school year may not be a solid smooth ride; however, we will all be working together to provide solutions to each and every challenge we encounter.


We all share one goal in common;   that is to provide a positive, cheerful and safe learning environment to all the children whom parents have entrusted to our care.


The presence of a great number of our SGIA parents last July 30, 2016 who participated in this Meet and Greet is also an insight of success. It is great to see everyone happy and cooperative while listening to all the presentations prepared by the team.


Thank you everyone for coming and we look forward to more successful occasions like this.


By: Ms. Edina Araneta-Sarenas

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