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SGIA's Christmas Music Concert

on December 2016 

Theme: "Celebrating Love and Hope with Music of Happiness and Prosperity


To explore and showcase the talents of SGIA students and build their confidence and creativity, our Christmas Persons-In-Charge, namely: Ms. Nova, Mr. Edd, Mr. Michale and Mr.Martomo have come up with the ideas of creating a Christmas Village in our very own school gymnasium.

The village atmosphere has showcased students perform in Choir, Orchestra, Band and Dance media from various grade levels and ASA groups.

There were various bazaar stalls to cater to all the children and parents who have spent their family with us with the fun rides and viewing of the Christmas ornaments which were all made from scratch.

The school through the efforts of the Primary and Secondary Student Council officers was able to collect tons of donations which range from foods, goods, and reusable toys, books and clothings from SGIA families and were donated to the orphanage adopted by our Secondary Students in the IB DP. We are very grateful for the generous hearts of our donors and we look forward to your support through the coming school events.

Our occasion has also been graced by members of the Yayasan Clarissa International along with visitors from the community.

We are proud of our Santa Claus who delighted our big and small children in the audience.

The programme was ended with fireworks display at the Soccer Field located near the gym.

Thank you so much for everyone’s support toward the success of this event!


- by Ms. Edina Araneta-Sarenas
- Photos courtesy of Pak Hamsah

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