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SGIA Wins Award in 13th

Harvard Model Congress Asia

Three high school students from Sekolah Global Indo-Asia won three awards at the 13th session of the Harvard Model Congress Asia. Sparsh Singhal (Grade 11), Christoper Cia (Grade 12) and Edbert Mawlin (Grade 10) were awarded honorable mentions in front of 650 delegates from Asia, US and Canada. HMCA, a project of Harvard University in the USA, is a yearly gathering of the best debaters and student policy makers in the region and beyond. This year, it was held on 5-8 January 2017 at the University of Hongkong.

SGIA sent eight delegates to the congress and here’s what they have to say about it:


My adventure in HMCA cannot be expressed in a mere 2 sentences because all the troubled moments were well worth the experience I gained in those 5 days. It gave me strength, knowledge and the passion for debating and I hope that one day I can put these skills to good use.

– Edbert Mawlin, Grade 10

These past few days have been one of the most insightful and interesting moments in my life; I made new friends and became more confident, which are all great. I hope to attend again.

– Leo Harnadi, Grade 10

I'm truly glad and thankful to be a part of the HMCA team this year as joining this session has indubitably helped me to gain deeper insights into various global issues and also wider studies in the working of the government system. In addition, it also developed my critical thinking skills as well as engaged myself more in reflective and independent thinking throughout the whole session.

– Vivian Wu, Grade 12

The word “surprising” truly describes HMCA as I've got to experience something that I never thought I would. It was a way to forge new friendships and experience what I will cherish throughout my life. With students who think of world issues, it has opened up my eyes to realize what a wonderful world our home could be.

– David Martius, Grade 11

If you know, good! If you don’t know, great! Intelligence is not always the key to winning. Sometimes, your participation, passion and efforts are all that matters. Just raise your placard and say something, anything! Because in the end, “what you say is not important. It is how you say it.” HMCA taught me to believe that I can speak up.

– Sparsh Singhal, Grade 11


HMCA has taught me to engage in productive debates while immersing myself with the values relevant to democracy and diplomacy.

– Christoper, Grade 12


The reason for HMCA is to empower students to speak up, be confident by forgetting one’s fear of public speaking. In HMCA, I overcame my fear of speaking as I can fearlessly stand in front of the crowd now. Also, I realized that by channeling energy to make connections with other people, diplomatically, this world will be a better world, a more innovative and peaceful one.

– Thomas, Grade 12

HMCA definitely boosted my confidence in public speaking. Not only that, I have gained so many friends now from all over Asia and that’s all because of HMCA. Even if it seems hard, I do not regret joining HMCA at all and I am truly proud of have been a part of it.

– Vindy, Grade 10

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