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SGIA’s National Teachers’ Training on 2013 National Curriculum

With the effectiveness of the 2013 National Curriculum implementation in the level of Elementary school and in order to apply effectively the embedding of the 2013 National Curriculum with the IBO (PYP Programme) at Sekolah Global Indo – Asia, we need to prepare our teachers to be knowledgeable, familiar and competent with the delivery of this curriculum.  On December 2-3, 2016, we held the 2013 National Curriculum Training for our National Teachers at Sekolah Global Indo – Asia.

The aims of the training are:

  1. Teachers completely understand and comprehend the implementation of 2013 National Curriculum.

  2. Teachers completely can compile, develop and create a learning plan based on the appropriate curriculum.

  3. Teachers are able to develop and design lessons which can be taught easily and not just planned but are based on the way they teach and assess the results of the process of teaching and learning.

We had the privilege to invite the following Speakers from “Dinas Pendidikan Kota Batam:”

  1. Ibu Hj. Lies Indrijati, S.Pd, M.Si

  2. Bpk Drs. Suripto, M.M.


The training for the 2013 National Curriculum was followed by 38 National Teachers from Kindergarten and Elementary classes.


We hope that this 2013 National Teachers’ Training will help the teachers recognise the relevance of educating themselves with the recent updates from the Ministry of Education and become more proactive in the application of these revisions and contribute to quality education for our students.

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