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Third Graders Went to KidZania


Third graders were so happy to experience the edutainment at KidZania Singapore as our field trip in the fourth Unit of Inquiry “How We Organise Ourselves” on Jobs/Professions. There are 35 establishments on the first floor and 15 on the mezzanine floor.  We were so fortunate because it was a week day (Thursday, Feb 1, 2018) and there were not a lot of people a part from us.

They learnt that they need to have skills, knowledge and personal qualifications in the working world. They also gave some contribution when they worked at KidZania. We recommend students and parents to experience the world of children at KidZania. We can get education and entertainment as a complete package!

Z-U again!

Third graders experienced about 10 – 15 jobs and they still wanted to have longer time there. Some students really enjoyed their learning experiences as undergraduate students. They achieved two different majors in the university lab. Other students participated in AIA Stadium as soccer players and spectators. They played more than once there. They exclaimed, “It is fun to be athletes!” From the jobs they chose at KidZania, as teachers, we have observed their interest regarding their future jobs. Some really wanted to earn Kidzos, some did not mind spending their earnings and others thought several times before deciding to be a worker.


Kai: hello

Kidzos: the currency in KidZania

Z – u: see you

Ms. Dewati

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