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Prosedur di IB DP

All applicant will be interviewed to determine their level of interest, commitment, and ability to take personal responsibility for their learning.

A.  Continuing student from SGIA

All prospective students must achieve a minimum of “B” in English First Language

B.  External School

The application will be evaluated considering the following aspects:

  • Admission test results.

  • Interview result by the Principal.

  • Last school academic transcripts.

  • Report card and recommendation from our DP Coordinator and/or Guidance Counselor.

Upon admission to the IBDP, the students will be required to choose the subjects they intend to focus on during their DP years in the subject offering form. During this stage, SGIA’s University/College and Guidance Counselors are available to give advice on carrier profiling and best fit subject requirement based on the university entry requisites. Subject level can be changed within one (1) term after the start of the school year in DP1.

C.  Transfer student

  • Students transferring to the IBDP after the first semester in Grade 11 are not permitted from schools other than an authorized IB World school and to fit subjects that the school offer.

  • Students who have started their Diploma Programme from another school will be required to transfer their credits shown through various assessment methods (i.e. report card, anecdotal records, portfolio) to ensure a smooth transition.

  • A recommendation from the programme coordinator of the student’s former school will be required for IB DP acceptance.

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