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What is your job?

How to be a principal?


Is it fun to be a scientist?


What is an entrepreneur?


What is the difference between businessman and entrepreneur?


Is there special skill or knowledge needed in your job?

These questions roamed in grade 3 atmospheres upon getting to this term about jobs found in present. The students were so inquisitive about jobs as they were discussing about “people need specific qualities to participate in the world of work for the functioning of society”.


They were not only talking about kinds of job, skills, knowledge and personal qualities people need to be successful in their work but also their contribution to society. To help them answer their inquiries, 3 resource speakers were invited namely; Mr. Chris Dumo, SGIA primary principal, Mr. Chris Niemant, a scientist and Mr. Antonius Manullang, an entrepreneur. Three of them shared about their jobs and their job descriptions. They also shared some skills, knowledge and personal qualities needed in their posts. Tips on how to have a successful career were given too.


Grade 3 students have learnt a lot from them. As part of their assessment, they have conducted an event called Fete Day. They learnt to be entrepreneurs. Each student contributed money to server as the capital of their venture. They have decided to have a two-day event called “Fete Day” where they are selling goods like stationeries, educational toys and snacks to the student body. Everybody was involved in the process. Each one was given a responsibility during the event. They have done marketing by using posters as well as visiting classrooms and school administration offices to promote their products. It was unforgettable day, as they felt the pressure of losing and gaining profits. It was also indeed learning as they were able to apply their mathematical skills and did transaction with money. The event ended with smiles on their faces – sadness because it has to end. It was a success as all the products have been sold out and profits were gained. Thanks to the cooperation and teamwork extended by the entire two classes.

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