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Every year, SGIA holds a Christmas celebration. The goals of our 2019 Christmas celebration were as follow: First - to foster unity in diversity. Students from different religious backgrounds participated in the Christmas decoration contest. The ECC students made a snowman, the elementary students made reindeer and secondary students made wonderful white Christmas trees. Second - to inculcate the spirit of giving. Students donated gifts, food items and other important necessities to a home for the elderly here in Batam. Third - to culminate Semester 1 with fun and festivity! We had a fun-filled celebration to celebrate the students’ success after a 6 month of dedicated school work. 


Our Christmas Celebration was held in the MPH and was initiated by a Christmas prayer gathering. This spiritual gathering lasted for one hour from 8am to 9am. Christians joined the Christmas prayer. There was singing, praising, offering and a sermon by Pastor Andre Djafaar. The prayer was very solemn and attendees were fervent in their worship. After the Christmas prayer, our Christmas program was held. It started from 9 am and ended at 11 am.  All students, teachers as well as parents were in a festive mood during the celebration. Students from ECC to Grade 12 showcased their talents.

A wide variety of Musical numbers were performed, namely: choir and music band performances. Staff and teachers showcased their dancing abilities to the tune of Christmas songs as well. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the celebration.  After the celebration, attendees were eager partake of the mouth-watering potluck. There was an extensive variety of foods, to suit all hungry appetites! Everyone had a wonderful time sampling to wonderful culinary offerings, while exchanging their experiences over the past six months.


Overall, the Christmas celebration was an overwhelming success. Students made the Christmas ornament contest a real hit. All classes participated and embellished their classrooms with their original holiday design creations.  The administrators and staff of the home for the elderly were very grateful for the donations graciously provided by our SGIA community. And lastly, during the Christmas program, everyone was delighted to have an opportunity to celebrate the culmination of of a productive semester, prior to embarking upon the end-of-year break.

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