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Grade 2 Field Trip

Exploring  Batam (North, East, South and West)

Our class’ unit of inquiry is under the transdisciplinary theme of Where We Are in Place and Time which is an inquiry into orientation in place and time. In order to get more factual information about our island’s natural geography and to know the impacts of geographical features of a location on human interactions and settlements, we visited and explored some places/landmarks in the four corners (North, East, South and West) of Batam.


We have had the trip for two days. For the first day, we visited the North and East part of Batam. The places are Tanjung Uma, Jodoh, Batu Ampar, Sengkuang, Bengkong, Sei Panas, Nongsa/Kebun Raya Batam, Hang Nadim, Kabil, Punggur, Batam Centre. We started at 8:00 AM from school. Students started to observe the places that we passed by. Students used compass and Batam Map to see exactly the location of each area in Batam Island. They also explored how the geographical features looked like in each places. We stopped in Kebun Raya Batam, Nongsa to have snacks. From this place we were able see some of the areas of Batam Island from highland. The students were so excited and came up with many questions and wondered which part of Batam that we could see from the Highland.

During the second day we visited the South and West Part of Batam. The places are Muka Kuning, DAM Duriangkang, Tj. Piayu, Tembesi, Barelang, Sagulung, Tanjung Uncang, Marina, Sei Harapan, and Tiban. We started at 8:00 AM. The students were excited when they saw the places in this area which were quite different than the other parts of Batam. They were able to see many constructions which took place in this area.


Lots of buildings, factories and houses were built. They also pointed to the lake (DAM Duriangkang which is Batam’s reservoir, our main source of tap water.


At the end of the fieldtrip around Batam, it has led to student’s inquiry about where we are in place and time – location. They have understood that there are many kinds of Natural and Man-made features in Batam. Aside from these, students were able to know that Batam has its own geographical features as well.

It was indeed a fruitful learning activities and at the same enjoyable moment for everybody.

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