On Saturday, 28 July 2018, Sekolah Global Indo-Asia (SGIA) participated in KODIM Painting & Caricature Competition 2018 in Aula KODIM (Komando Distrik Militer) 0316 in Kp.Seraya, Batu Ampar, Batam. KODIM is military district commando for Batam Island. Five talented students from Grade 11 represented SGIA:  Cherilline Teo, Carolyn Grade Donlon, Kelly, Udrasena Dharmasandhi and Ashiila Faradiba. The theme for the painting competition was “Kemanunggalan TNI – Rakyat” or “Collaboration between Indonesian army and citizen” while for the  Caricature category,  the theme was “Lambang Negara & Pahlawan Nasional” or “The Symbol of The Nation and National Hero”. The event was organized by Indonesian Army to inspire and instill to the young generation the sense of nationalism as a fundamental character.

Around 41 students from 18 schools in  Batam had participated the said competition. . They showed their best ability to win because the winners will represent Batam Island to the next level  in KOREM (Komando Resort Militer) Tanjung Pinang.

Our students had been successful to achieve 1st place for Caricature Competition by Cherilline Teo and 2nd place for Painting Competition by Carolyn Grace Donlon. It was a great accomplishment for SGIA because no other school had received more than one achievement. They will represent Batam Island to the next stage of the competition in in KOREM Tanjung this August.

We always encourage our students to develop their skills, abilities  and talents  for them to maximize their given potentials because each new day is a new opportunity to improve themselves, and they have to make  the most out of it. (TM)

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