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Grade 11 Assembly

The first school assembly happened last August 23. The grade 11 students showcase their talents with different performances adapting the scenes from Disney movies Aladdin, Lion King, Toy Story and Rapunzel.

The assembly was a source of inspiration and experiences that unify the students in accomplishing certain goal, the goal to have a meaningful, entertaining and significant assembly. This activity provided an avenue for the students to deepen students’ friendship, camaraderie and breaks the division among the students.


Students’ Reflections


"I have learnt a lot of things from this experience. Teamwork is one of them. In order to succeed in giving the best performance, I learnt that we have to be good communicators to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding, as well as to get the most optimized results. Also to be open-minded to opinions and ideas from those around us."



"This activity helped a lot of us to bring out and show the inner talent that we had in ourselves, to gain confidence in ourselves that we could do something new and interesting, to plan and collaborate with our classmates and their ideas, learn new skills and talents that we found interesting and lastly, to support and help each other to perform better by each practice session."



"The show was, shockingly enough, a high bar of standards that we have set for upcoming assemblies. The cheers and applause as we started, and as we ended were the loudest it has ever been and we've never been more proud of our own show. Everyone seemed to love it; the uniqueness, the old memorable songs, then new thing kids love, we've managed to combine it all in one performance. It might be our last year, and the show was definitely short but sweet, we had fun, everyone enjoyed it, and that's what matters most. “Hakuna Matata”."


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