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Grade 11 IB Chemistry Internship Program

Formal education does not only happen in the four walls of the classroom. Significant learning happens when students are exposed to practical learning. They tend to develop a better appreciation of the concepts being taught in school when they know how it is being used in the community. The internship program was designed for grade 11 IB Chemistry students to allow them to have the opportunity to experience what it's like to work in a mechanical testing laboratory company in Batam. The most significant component of the internship is to integrate theories and knowledge with the practical application and skills developed in professional settings. The experiences and activities will definitely helpful for the students that are planning to take science courses for university.

The grade 11 IB students were accommodated to work with PT. Hi-Test, a company that serves various ranges of mechanical testing, which includes Tensile Test, Charpy Impact Test, Chemical Composition Test and Corrosion Test. The grade 11 IB students had the opportunity to learn how to operate advanced types of machinery and how to properly follow the standards to be used to test and analyze metal alloys. The students had the internship for a week, from May 20 to May 24, 2019 where they were given six hours to work Monday to Friday and within that time, they not only learned new things academically but also socially, the students had the chance to communicate and being taught by the employees in the company. It was an interesting and life-changing experience indeed, the students encountered new and challenging methods being done in laboratories, but students overcome those challenges and made it to a fun and memorable experience.


The students were asked to make laboratory reports and had a final presentation in the last day of the internship. The group presented in front of the authorized people in the company, which includes the owner and the operating manager of the company. The presentation was nerve-wracking for the students, but they pulled it through and provide a brief yet impressive presentation of what they had learned and experienced in the week of their internship. The students achieved the goals and learning outcomes in the CAS program and give realization of the objectives of chemistry subject for practical learning. The students who undergo internship were surely agreed that it was an enjoyable and beneficial program.


Here are some reflections of the students:

This internship allows me to explore and understand the world beyond our theoretical school studies. This  activity has been very important to me as it has provided me with invaluable experience beyond our syllabus, I have learned the basic theories about metallurgy and its importance towards our industries, I have also learned how to operate machines as well as the do’s and don’ts of working in a lab. I’m really looking forward to more internship as this activity has provided me with great memories and experience that I couldn’t get anywhere else.

Thaddeus Trystan


The internship activity was a blast! I had the opportunity to learn new things and know what it feels like to be working in a laboratory. This internship is certainly beneficial for me because I’m planning to take the metallurgy course, which this activity allowed me to know more about it and definitely spike up my interest in mechanical testing even more!



This internship allowed me to understand and visualize the world beyond the academic world. It is such an important activity because we are globally engaged and we get to learn new experience beyond the syllabus. From this internship, I learned theoretical backgrounds on laboratory businesses and the importance of the presence of metallurgy in the society. I learned to operate machines (such as OES machines) that I have never seen before. It served as a very great opportunity. I made some memories working in this internship program and I am really looking forward to more internship programs in the future.


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