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Grade 1

Field Trips


“Why do the dogs like to bark?” asked one of the students when they visited the pet shop. On Monday and Tuesday October 15 and 16, 2018, Grade 1 students had a field trip to De’ Chruse Pet Shop. This field trip gave the students deeper understanding of how people take care of their pets. This is a part of one of the lines of inquiry: Our responsibilities toward animals.

In the pet shop, students experienced rubbing the cat and the dog. Students interacted with the pet keeper by asking questions on how to take care of dogs and cats. There was also an animal hotel where the pet owners put their pet for care while they are away.

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WhatsApp Image 2018-10-16 at

Students got to know some things related to the pets, for example the food: dry and wet, the bowls in different sizes depends on the animal, the toys for the pets, the beautiful and colorful collars, scratching pole for the cats, the pet beds, the cute colorful tiny clothes, the treats, the cages, the carriers and some cute bags to bring the pet to travel with the owner.

At the end of the visit, students met the veterinarian, Doctor Fery Firdaus. He explained how to check the dog when it is sick. He also showed and gave opportunity to the students to use the stethoscope to feel the heartbeat of the dog. This field trip extended students’ knowledge that taking caring of pets is more than just feeding them but also the availability of other services like vet check-ups, animal salon, and animal hotel.

To strengthen our inquiry, we supplemented it with another field trip at the River Safari in Singapore last October 19. Students took the whole day to explore the different recreated interest spots on some of the world’s famous river habitats such as the Mekong, Nile and Yangtze. The students were able to see various species fresh water fishes.

Part of the field trip included going on a boat ride called the Amazon River Quest which let them discover that land animals can also live near river areas. It was a wonderful experience for all. Students also took some time when they visited the Giant Panda Forest. They understood that being quiet around pandas is really important.

The River Safari trip was really a meaningful experience for the children. Not only did they learn about the different habitats and the importance of taking care of animals and their environment, but also the trip enabled the students to become more inquiring and independent individuals.

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