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"Grade's 1 Field Trip to River Safari"

Last October 20, 2017 (Friday), the Grade 1 students took a one-day field trip to River Safari in Singapore. In relation to the unit “Sharing the Planet”, they were able to visit the world’s famous river habitats like Mekong, Nile, and Yangtze to name a few. Students saw different species of fishes and other aquatic creatures that can be especially be found in these rivers.


They also went on two boat rides, which they enjoyed very much. The first boat ride was the River Safari Cruise that lasted for at least for 20 minutes.  Next, the children together with some parents were more excited to go on the Amazon River Quest and saw animals that could be seen in the Amazon. 

Next, everyone got excited to view the two giant pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia, and a red panda at the Giant Panda Forest. We were informed to be quiet at all times for the pandas should not to be disturbed.


It was truly an enriching experience as the students took notes most of the time. They were also able to appreciate and see more clearly how important habitats are to these animals. They have also comprehended that these animals have roles to sustain the need of other living things to live. They get the understanding that they need to take care of the environment that surrounds them in order to maintain the continuous survival of the living things.

By Ms. Nicole, Ms. Dewi and Ms. Wulandari, Grade 1 Homeroom Teachers

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