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Grade 5 Leadership Camp

On November 15-17, 2023 the grade 5 students and 7 teachers joined The Leadership Camp in Nongsa Point Marina & Resort. They participated in many activities that aimed to build leadership skills, resilience, a sense of belonging and teamwork. The goal of this was to improve their teamwork skills for PYP Exhibition SY 2023-2024 and also to prepare grade 5 students for moving on to secondary school. Above all, the entire immersive experience was successful in making students gain a sense of independence, and self-discipline, while also encouraging them to apply social skills to different situations.

The first day of the programme began with a discussion of the essential agreement and responsibilities that students should exhibit throughout the camp. Then there was a team-building activity in the afternoon that forced students to use cooperation and communication to complete a difficult task and win the game. This was followed by a session in which Ms Olga helped nurture and reveal students’ leadership skills that will be necessary for the PYP Exhibition and their learning journey moving forward. After the session, students went back to their unit and had time to communicate with their family members before going to sleep for the night.

Thursday morning, started with an exercise led by Mr Riandi and then breakfast. Afterwards, team-building activities took place on the beach. Students had to work together as a team to use their critical thinking skills to solve difficult problems. This was followed by lunchtime on the beach. Following lunch, students had a transition discussion to help prepare them for the upcoming change of moving from primary to lower secondary school. During the final activity, students had to stick together to walk to the bonfire area where they participated in a mindfulness and reflection session and wrote a letter to their parents.

The final day of the camp began with a morning exercise of playing dodgeball which was followed by breakfast. After breakfast, it was time to leave. Students were responsible for packing up their stuff and cleaning up their mess to leave the rooms exactly as they were before they got there. Some gifts were prepared for the teams of students who performed the best in the team building and leadership activities. Overall, the Leadership Camp was a valuable experience for the students because they were able to spend a couple of nights away from their parents to show that they have the independence and responsibility required to succeed in the PYP Exhibition and eventually move on to secondary school.

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