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Grade 6 Field Trip to Singapore

September 10, 2018

The 6th graders of SGIA have joined the field trip to Singapore on Monday 10th September 2018. This field trip is recognized as important tool in learning; a shared social experience that provides the opportunity for students to be exposed and explore novel things beyond the borders of the classroom. This trip is concentrated in Geography and Sciences subjects as well as English subject.

The Grade 6 trip to Singapore was a fun filled educational trip. We visited Singapore Zoo, Merlion Park, and Trick Eye Museum. Early in the morning, we gathered at Batam Center ferry terminal at 5.30 AM. The students were so excited to start their new experience. After a long queue, finally we arrived at Harbour Front Singapore and waited for some time to be picked up by the travel bus.

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We then went straight to the Singapore Zoo for around 45 minutes travel and we were able to take a rest while in the bus. After we arrived at the zoo, we took some group pictures then got the entrance ticket from the guide. We were so excited to get in. First thing first that we needed to do was to learn the zoo’s map, after that we went straight and saw many animals such as fishes, giant crocodile, siamangs, white gibbons, monkeys, chimpanzee and birds. After taking a long walk, we went to watch the show of Elephants of Asia. There were 5 elephants in the show and it was so surprising because we were able to see the daily life of the elephants. After the show, we took a tram to go around the zoo. With the tram, we were able to see many animals such as otters, zebra, giraffe, ostrich, rhinoceros, wolverine, baboons, kangaroo and orang utans. After the trip with the tram, we took a walk to see white tigers, but unfortunately, the tigers were sleeping. We continued to walk to see the polar bear, the polar bear was still a baby and the room beside it was so cold. After that, we took a rest for a while. After we had enough rest, we decided to go out and go to the restaurant, but along the way out of the zoo, we also saw beautiful pelicans family, so we finished our trip at the zoo happily and we really had fun in the zoo.

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“We learned the facts about the animals and it’s endangerment”, said Bona.  Sean also quoted, “I’ve learnt that nature is being destroyed bit a bit, so we must contribute to help it.” As Tasya also said, “we learned a lot of things in Science and Geography, I hope we can do it again.”

We had a lot of food for lunch so we got more energy for the next trip. After lunch, we went to Merlion Park. The students were so excited. When we arrived at Merlion Park, the cloud gave a sign that it will be raining. We took some group pictures and suddenly it rained heavily. The students were so happy and played with the rain along taking some pictures before we took a shelter under the bridge. The rain had not stopped yet, but we decided to take our bus to continue our trip.

Next stop was Sentosa. We visited the Trick Eye Museum. It was an amazing place with many tricky stuffs and decorations. “My favorite part from the trip was at the Trick Eye Museum because it was nice to take photos”, said Kenneth MC. We took tons of pictures inside the museum. We also took a group picture in front of the Universal Globe. That was the end of the places we visited  and we took monorail to Vivo City Mall and go straight to Harbour Front. We went shopping for around 30 minutes before we went to the terminal. It was 7.20 Singapore time and we went back to our lovely Batam city. “We got to see many features in Singapore and visit places that we have not yet experienced,”said Kyla. It was a wonderful-busy-day for us, the 6th graders of SGIA.

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