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Healthy Lifestyle and Balanced Choices

Grade 1 students have been developing their knowledge and understanding about making balanced choices that enables us to have a healthy lifestyle. They have had experience to learn and observe different places and invited resource speakers to their open-mindedness why people choose to stay healthy and the different ways to achieve it. Students also compared their healthy lifestyle and compare with others’.

Students need to observe and understand that there many ways to make balanced choices to have a healthy lifestyle. It gives opportunities for our students to see and understand other’s perspectives when they have different choices but still making the balanced choices of food groups, water, sleep, exercise and fun or happiness to make themselves healthy.


Week four of the learning cycle is a time for us to find more information and sort it out. And it has supported our learning experience. We invited Mr. Riandi, the PYP Physical Education teacher to share his perspective on making balanced choices that supports his healthy lifestyle last Tuesday, 13 August 2019. Another meaningful learning experience was with Mr. Chris’ sharing session. Our PYP Principal is a practitioner of a healthy lifestyle.  He engaged and empowered students when he asked students to do scavenger hunt on healthy foods and junk foods in the classroom then have a discussion about the balanced choices to make us stay healthy.


The resource speakers had the sharing sessions at school. While students had another time to visit the Anggrek Mas 3 Club House. Ms. Maya and Mr. Roditio have shared their knowledge and experience as practitioners of healthy lifestyle. They provide options for people to exercise or have a relaxing time by doing Zumba dance or having exercise on a treadmill, and develop big muscles by doing bodybuilding in the gym equipment/smith machine or using the sauna to make themselves relax and stay healthy. The swimming pool also can be used as an exercise, swim race or even for fun. Students also learned that people have choices to make themselves healthy and stay healthy and have the consequences of their choices.


At their reflection, sharing sessions and the field trip the students have developed and strengthened their understanding about how their balanced choices apply in daily life and the factors needed to make them stay healthy and the consequences of their choices. They choose to make balanced choices to make them stay healthy by eating healthy foods based on the food groups, drink plenty of water, enough sleep, hygiene, exercise, and fun/happiness.

Let’s make balanced choices for our healthy lifestyle!

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