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Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science

(Sakura Science Program)

The enthusiasm displayed by my classmates and I towards our Science subjects assisted us in being noticed by the Japanese Government as well as the Professors of Kyushu Institute of Technology. Acceptance in the Sakura Science Program meant that 10 deserving students from SGIA would travel to Japan and earn the opportunity to learn about several courses such as: Artificial Intelligence, Nanoblocks, Coding and etc while being fully funded by the Japanese Government.


Upon arriving in Fukuoka, we were greeted by Professor Otabe who accompanied us throughout the trip and introduced us to others such as Aki-san and Yusei-san who played a major role in ensuring our safety as well as taught us several courses.

The 1st day began by visiting tourist attractions such as the Nanzoin Temple which is notable for its reclining Buddha statue, said to be the largest bronze statue in the world. The following days consisted of several hours spent in Kyushu Institute of Technology where we were taught by Professor Otabe, Aki-san and Yusei-san about creating applications, working LEGO structures, Coding and etc.


Some of us even got lucky enough to be interviewed for Japanese Television!

In order to ensure cultural understanding for SGIA students, the Japanese Government planned two trips to Japanese highschools where we got the privilege to interact with Japanese Highschool students and discuss the cultural and academic differences that exist between both nations.

Being fully funded, we thoroughly enjoyed every second of the trip and made tons of new friends throughout the 1 week experience. This trip was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of our lives.


Towards the end of the trip, Professor Otabe asked us to make a promise, which we all promised to fulfill. All he desired was for all of us to give a present back to the world through our new found knowledge and assist others in accomplishing their dreams, similar to how he helped us.

Kelly- “Japan is a dream come true. Wonderful experience worth a thousand words.”

Thad- “This trip has been the best week of my student life, would definitely go again!”

Adam- “It was an enjoyable trip and i learned many things about technology that i have not learned before coming.”

Bagas- “I enjoyed my visit to Japan very much and would love to come again. The trip was an amazing one for sure; experiencing a very different culture."


Ben- “I am very grateful to have had the experience to join this exchange program. I have learned lots of new things throughout this trip such as programming, coding, robotics and the exquisite and unique culture of Japan itself.”

Bryant- “I am very satisfied with this exchange program and I hope to come to Japan again. I am inspired by the works of your country, and I hope one day I can contribute to your country as well.”

Edgar- “I am really grateful being invited to join this program. I hope one day I can visit japan again."

Paulus- “I feel grateful and honored that I've been given the opportunity to participate in this exchange program. The program has upgraded not only my skills in terms of academic, but also in life. I hope this program could be held every year so that more individuals could get the opportunity to broaden their horizon."

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