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Water is Essential for the Survival of Different Life Forms

“The IB approaches learning in a way that encourage the students to really immerse themselves”

K2 Excursion and Field Trips

K2 students had opportunities to experience the Water Play at their first week of learning about water, October 4, 2018. They explored three centers of water play; the swimming pools, the experiment table (crepe papers, food colours and bubble play) and the slippery slide. It was a good time for them to observe the functions of water in different ways and experienced the changes happened when they utilized different materials with water. Students learned how to be responsible to use the material and toys safely and purposefully also fun.


The next step to finding out more about water in their surroundings, students had had excursion to recognize water at school. They found the tap water usage for school use such as washing their hands, for toilet, turtle pond, fish pond and others. Students ha  d a 2-day field trip to identify water resources in Batam by visiting Sekupang Lotus Lake, observing the Ocarina beach, and the surrounding of Barelang Bridge. Students learned different water resources that are classified to freshwater and salt water and the living things that use those types of water. They started to think about how if the water in Batam finished? What would they do? That would be their learnings in five weeks. What a great events to tune in the learning!

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