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"Dedikasi Kartini Masa Kini"

(The Dedication of the Modern-Day Kartini)

Last Monday, 23 April 2018, Sekolah Global Indo-Asia has celebrated an important day to remember one of the most influential heroines of Indonesia, Ibu Kartini.

Students from ECC had a costume parade around the gym. Kinder 3 students sang the popular song “Ibu Kita Kartini” to a more upbeat tune while Grade 4 students had an angklung performance.

Teachers and staff were dressed in kebayas for females and Batik for males. The celebration started with an Upacara (flag ceremony), which was led by the female teachers and was followed by presentations from each department. 

High school students did an entertaining drama presentation of Kartini’s biography.


However, most importantly everyone is reminded that celebrating Kartini is also to putting into action her beliefs on education for women and gender equality.

- Ms. Nicole (Grade 1B Homeroom Teacher)

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