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“Plants play an important role towards the existence of living things”

Can you imagine the world without plants? What will happen to human or other living things if there are no plants? Can we survive without plants? Are plants important for us? Some tune in questions to provoke students thinking and immerse themselves to our “Plants” Unit of Inquiry.

To find out more about plants, K3 students went to Vitka Garden Batam Center where they can see different kinds of plants. There, they saw many beautiful flowers in different colors, trees that give some fruits for people and some insects that perch on flowers to look for food. They were amazed to see the beautiful scenery around them and at the same time they learned names of different plants. At the last session, those young learners learned how to grow and take care plants. Those activities were much related to our lines of inquiry.


We continued our trip to lotus pond, where we saw plants live in different media not on the land but on the water. We learned that there are some plants live on the water such as lotus and water hyacinth. They are beautiful and give oxygen to hundreds fishes around. We feed the fishes with the fish food and we went back to school.


Their learning journey did not stop there. They wanted to explore more about plants. Last Friday, March 29, 2019; K3 students went to Koh Fah Technology Farm and Gardens by the Bay Singapore. In Koh Fah Farm, we saw a huge green house where people grow plants and how they take care of them by implementing good farming technology. We even harvest lettuce and we made salad from cherry tomato, lettuce and bean sprout. Hmmm… yummy and healthy food. What a great opportunity to learn the important role of plants.


The last destination from our field trip was Gardens by the Bay. We visited Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. We were presented by a beautiful panorama of Sakura. We saw various types of Sakura in different colors and the atmosphere like in Japan. Besides giving oxygen to living things, plants also provide extraordinary beauty to the world. It is really true that Mother Nature is our greatest teacher.

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