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PYP Exhibition:

A Celebration of Learning

This school year’s PYP Exhibition marks SGIA’s 9th year of celebration and learning. The Grade 5 students came up with different issues under the transdisciplinary theme “Who We Are”. This year, we have 10 groups (each group with members of 2 to 4 students). Issues selected varied from Social Media, Technology, Gaming, to Millennial Generation, Sports, Impacts of War to Children, Hypebeast, Junk Food, Young Expatriate and Child Depression.

The students, assisted by their advisers, created their own central ideas, selected the key concepts, related concepts and lines of inquiry. At the beginning, the students used the thinking routine “Think-Puzzle-Explore” to identify their prior knowledge and understanding, and wrote their wondering and plan for their inquiry journey. Each group was assisted by mentors in the process of their Exhibition.

The Exhibition Day was held on April 28, 2018, and the programme started with a musical performance prepared by the students. They collaboratively performed a traditional Indonesian song “Selayang Pandang” and a medley of English songs to showcase their musical skill. Moreover, each group created an artwork to communicate the topic/issue that they have selected. Parents, students and visitors from other schools attended the PYP Exhibition. It was indeed a celebration of learning as students actively explained their inquiry journey and research findings.

Congratulations to our Grade 5 students and good luck for your learning journey in the future!

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