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PYP In-School Workshop: “Teaching and Learning”

Welcome to the new School Year 2018-2019! As the new school year begins, SGIA conducted a two-day IB PYP In-school Workshop for our primary teachers on July 13 and 14, 2018. The workshop mainly tackled teaching and learning components in PYP and we were pleased to have Ms. Fifi Anggraini and Ms. Merry Inggarwati as our workshop leaders.

In this two-day workshop, teachers were actively involved in a variety of practical teaching strategies that would assist them in facilitating differentiated inquiry and learning in the classroom. Areas covered include the inquiry approach, differentiation, assessment and learning environment. As inquiry teachers, we never stop learning and inquiring to provide learning experiences that are engaging, significant, challenging and relevant for our students. It was indeed a worthy time collaborating and learning with the entire department.

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