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SGIA Secondary School

After School Activity (ASA)

After School Activity develops skills related to sports, enrichment or extended learning, recreation, arts, and life skills. It serves an avenue to learn non-academic skills for the students to enjoy, practice their strategic thinking and to know themselves better in terms of what they like, what makes them happy and to help them build their own identity.

The after school activities that are being offered for the second semester of School Year 2019 -2020:


This ASA aims to develop qualities to students namely; Creativity and Imagination, Patience and attention to detail Drawing Skills and Presentation Skills. ASA Animation aims to teach students the skills necessary to animate objects. In this ASA, students designed a multimedia software for advertisement. They applied the different skills they have learned like motion tween, morphing, shape tween, and masking. The students had a great time and had fun doing different animation techniques for this ASA Animation class.


Cricket is a social game originated in Australia. The activity aims to develop the skills of batting, bowling, catching and fielding.

Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Futsal, and Conditioning

Basketball teaches the students the skills of shooting, offensive, and defensive moves, rebounding, layups passing and dribbling the ball, footwork and training tips. This will prepare the students for interschool basketball competitions in Batam.

Indonesia has a good reputation in international competitions in Badminton. To continue this achievement, badminton is being offered to teach the students the fundamental skills of the sports including smashing, gripping the racket, stance, footwork, serving, smashing, drop and lob shots.


Conditioning is a physical training program which main aim is to improve endurance to prepare students for heavy sports and tasks. Joining the activity increases flexibility, improve energy system, strength, power, and speed.

Futsal is a sport originated in South America. It is a version of a soccer game that develops.

Beyond the skills that are being taught, the students develop good values of teamwork, patience, camaraderie, and sportsmanship through these sports activities.

Model Congress Asia and Harvard Model Congress Asia

MUN and HMCA Club are an after school activity that aims to develop the public speaking, research, and interpersonal skills of students. HMCA stands for Harvard Model Congress Asia hosted by Harvard University students annually every January, held in Asian countries while MUN or Model United Nations is a year-round conference held in different countries by schools and non-government organizations.


Both have served as educational and government simulations where students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. These activities have developed students’ skills in speaking, debating, writing, critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership. For SGIA students to continuously partake in such prestigious events, training/workshops are being conducted during the club's sessions to develop the necessary skills set of the modern political system. The club is composed of students from Grades 9 - 12. The training sessions are held every Friday from 13.15 to 16.00 and will require speaking, research, critical thinking skills and time management of the students. Saturday sessions may be necessary as we come closer to the actual conferences where students are registered to participate.

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