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SGIA Students Participate and Win in the Seoul Model United Nations XXIV

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Sekolah Global Indo-Asia is again honoured to have participated in this year's leading Model United Nations Conference in South Korea, the 24th SEOMUN, organized by Korea International School. With over 300 delegates, the conference was held virtually on 5 - 7 November 2021. Eight students from Sekolah Global Indo-Asia ranging from Grades 10-12 participated in this conference as delegates. One student served as a Committee Chair.

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Model United Nations is a conference where middle and high school students from all around the world roleplay as delegates of different countries to discuss, debate, and formulate comprehensive solutions to current worldwide issues. SGIA delegates participated in seven committees, namely, General Assembly I, II, II, World Health Assembly, Economic and Social Council, Historical Security Council, and Commission on the Status of Women.

We are very proud that one of our delegates, Aow Si Li, Sara, won as Best Delegate in the Historical Security Council. While two of our delegates, Farah Michelle Fernando and Adhityo Darmansyah, acted as the primary submitters of their respective resolutions. The role of our Grade 12 student, Lee Minwoo, was equally important as he served as the Assistant President of General Assembly III. He underwent a very rigorous selection process to serve as a chair in this conference.

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This year's conference theme was 'A Ripple of Hope', representing the responsibilities one holds and changes one creates, as outlined in Robert F. Kennedy's Day of Affirmation Address, also known as the 'Ripple of Hope Speech'. Each SGIA student acted as a delegate of the country assigned and took part in a United Nations committee procedure simulation at the conference. Delegates collaborated in discussion and resolution making in each committee, including in-depth research, speaking, debating, and writing.

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Many preparations were made for the three-day conference. Students vigorously participated in once-a-week training sessions since September 2021 under the MUN & HMCA Club of SGIA. The training sessions covered various areas that the students had to learn, including the parliamentary procedures of Model United Nations. Students were taught to create and recite speeches related to their pre-designated topics and nations. The training equipped the delegates with confidence and the necessary skills such as public speaking, researching, and creating solutions. Most importantly, students debated against each other, which developed their critical thinking skills to formulate effective resolutions for specific agendas.

This conference was undoubtedly a challenge. Yet, it was also a meaningful experience for all delegates. Students had to prepare and think critically during the conference. In the end, the experience for everyone was very beneficial as it brought out the best in each student.

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Students’ reflections:

SEOMUN XXIV has landed itself a special place in my memories. It was my first time participating in such a hectic committee, representing a key member nation in one of its agendas and following slightly different committee procedures. The Historical Security Council was quite serious when the conference first began. Still, the fun kicked in as soon as we got to the second day — the committee gradually became hilariously chaotic. We made a lot of valuable memories together. To be awarded Best Delegate in a (virtual) room of passionate, experienced delegates is my utmost honour, but to have gone through this marvellous experience is truly priceless. Thank you to everyone involved in this year’s conference for your involvement and support and ending my last SEOMUN with a bang! 

– Aow Si Li, Sara 

As a two-time participant of SEOMUN as a delegate, leading a committee was a thrilling experience. Giving delegates feedback on their resolutions and approving amendments on the topic, I wrote a chair report that tested my knowledge and leadership, which I learned a lot from. Most importantly, working with my fellow student officers, Katherine Suk and Minjun Shin, taught me once again that MUN is all about collaboration and cooperation. – Lee Minwoo

SEOMUN has significantly helped me learn about essential skills that can be used for life. The whole concept of Model United Nations made me realize the severity of issues and the need to think critically and create changes as future world leaders. Although challenging, SEOMUN is an enjoyable and educational conference that teaches students who are afraid of public speaking to be brave and confident – Adhityo Darmansyah

My first experience as a delegate in the Commission on  Status of Women of the SEOMUN was a rollercoaster ride. Being the primary submitter of our bloc’s resolution was a very intense and challenging task. Despite the difficulty, the role of the primary submitter taught me essential lessons such as how to deliver a brief and concise speech for 3 minutes. This experience helped me to be more confident while speaking and to think critically to defend our resolution. Answering fifteen Points of Information on the spot was very tough, but I am thankful that I overcame it. Overall, I genuinely enjoyed the conference, and I will treasure the new friends I met there. Joining SEOMUN is a worthwhile experience. – Farah Michelle Fernando

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