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Sekolah Global Indo-Asia was honoured to be one of the 250 schools across the globe which was awarded the Climate Action Project School of Excellence 2021/22 Award. Jointly held by the Cartoon Network Climate Champions and Take Action Global, the Climate Action Project was established to provide schools with the opportunity to develop awareness on current environmental affairs and devise solutions to tackle some of the world’s most pressing climate issues

SGIA’s Environmental Club members took on the challenge of participating in this project, expanding their knowledge on the dire condition of the local environment and taking action to reduce its severity. Two weeks ago, the club had completed its first project: collecting plastic bottles, aluminium cans, and cardboard boxes for recycling, in collaboration with PT WIK, Sea Valorem, and the world-renowned NGO Plastic Bank.


The club’s leaders, Aow Si Li, Sara, Athul Krishna Boban, Arthur Farellio Her Pratama, and Lillian were enquired about how they felt about the recognition. Here’s what each of the leaders had to say about it:

“We were all in shock when first presented with this pleasant surprise. We started off as a small club taking small steps to transform the surrounding environment into a better place by acting locally and thinking globally, and we have come so far since then. I am delighted to work with such wonderful members and more than honoured to be part of this fantastic club. Cheers to more life-changing projects and making innovative strides towards a greener world!” — Aow Si Li, Sara (12A)

“As part of the Environmental Club, this is a great achievement, and I am certainly proud of this award. I never expected this award and would like to thank all the people who supported us thus far and to my fellow leaders, the journey isn’t over — there’s more to do to save the environment.” — Athul Krishna Boban (12A)

“Receiving this award was certainly a surprise to all of us, but it is a welcome one nonetheless. I’m glad that our efforts to restore Mother Earth to its pristine state were received enthusiastically by such a large and international corporation such as Cartoon Network, a corporation that had made a dear impact within myself due to the impressionable entertainment it has provided me ever since my childhood years. I’m glad that we received such a high degree of support, and while we didn’t establish the club for the sake of winning awards, this is certainly a major encouragement for all of us. Together, I believe that we can make a larger impact on the environment around us, regardless of how small it might be.” — Arthur Farellio Her Pratama (12A)

“I didn’t expect our Environmental Club to win this award, but I am really glad and proud of what we have achieved. All this is only possible because of everyone’s passion, determination, and active collaboration.” — Lillian (12A)

As is with any organisation, supervising individuals are needed to guide and lead the organisation to success. For SGIA’s Environmental Club, it is thanks to the club’s three supervisors, Mr Dushyant Kumar, Ms Priti Gupta, and Ms Saema Lumbanraja Nainggolan, who oversaw the operations of the club. Each of them provided insights on how the newly-established club managed to attain this outstanding degree of success, a few words of encouragement, and some comments on the award:

“This is a special moment as one of the supervisors of SGIA’s Environmental Club as our school club was nominated for a prize. What makes this moment even more special is that all leaders and members placed their utmost efforts and made it possible to get the club nominated for this appreciation in the very first year of its establishment. I believe that this nomination will encourage everyone to think selflessly and work constructively for the betterment of our environment, so that we would feel proud of keeping our environment safe, clean, and better for the generations to come.” — Mr Dushyant Kumar, Biology Teacher

“We are delighted to hear that our school’s Environmental Club was nominated by the organisation Take Action Global for the Climate Action Project award. This is a prideful moment for our school and students. My sincerest thanks to the Co-Executive Director of Take Action Global for giving us this opportunity. I believe these kinds of nominations encourage the younger generation to think and act globally for the betterment of our environment.” — Ms Priti Gupta, Biology Teacher

“We all care about climate change because we are all affected, no matter where we live in the world. We are happy that our school’s Environmental Club was nominated by Take Action Global for the Climate Action Project award. I would like to thank the Co-Executive Director for hosting this event and for presenting us this opportunity. And to our dearest students, congratulations. I hope that through this event, the younger generation are made more aware about climate change and the importance of saving the environment. Cheers!” — Ms Saema Lumbanraja Nainggolan, Chemistry Teacher

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