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Safety is Always Our Priority

Sekolah Global Indo Asia Fire Drill 2019

Fires can cause devastating effects on any type of premises. However, schools, in particular, are at significant risk. They are often filled with numerous fire hazards and potentially hundreds of students, many of which may be vulnerable or don’t fully understand what to do during a fire. This can make evacuation procedures difficult.


Therefore, it’s crucial for schools to establish a clear, step-by-step evacuation plan that explains exactly what everyone should do in the event of a fire. Furthermore, you must carry out regular fire drills. Doing so is not only important for checking that the plan actually works in practice, but also for familiarising everyone in the school – students in particular – with the evacuation process. In particular, fire drills help young students and those still maturing to become accustomed to the process and recognize that they need to take fire safety seriously.  This can help to reduce confusion, panic, and any disorderly behavior.


Hence, our school has planned a successive Fire Safety drill starting this month. We can’t emphasize more how important safety awareness is to our institution. Teachers and non-teaching staff such and other helpers are instructed in the use of fire extinguishers. This is of primary importance. We have a particular method set in place for emergency evacuation of students and drills must be conducted on a frequent basis which will ensure that students know who to reach in case of an emergency. All school staff has a duty to help students evacuate the school during a fire, so it’s vital for them to know what steps to take. If they can practice remaining calm and organized during a fire, they’ll be ready to ensure everyone’s safety when it really counts.

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