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Secondary Department – Field Trip Report

Social & Science Grade 10-11 CIE Field Trip to Jakarta & Bandung October 3-7, 2017

Field trips are recognized as important tool in learning; a shared social experience that provides the opportunity for students to be exposed and explore novel things beyond the borders of the classroom. A Social-Science field trip was held on October 3-7 2017 in Jakarta and Bandung. The purpose of this trip is to get more knowledge about Geography, Sociology, and Sciences beyond the books, as the students will be able to study and enjoy the nature and cultures of Indonesia at the same time. This will also provide opportunity to have direct learning about physical and human environment of Indonesia, as well as diversity of Indonesian cultures, flora and fauna.

Grade 10 and 11 social and science classes trip to Jakarta-Bandung was a fun filled educational trip. We visited the beautiful Indonesia miniature park (Taman mini Indonesia Indah).

We had experienced the earthquake simulation room at Badan Meteorologi, Klimatologi , dan Geofisika (BMKG) the place were all information about weather forecast, climate, air quality, and earthquake are studied.

Had a hands-on feel of the Braille map for the blinds and viewed Earth on a 3D form at Badan Informasi Geospasial, a national agency that is responsible for Indonesian geospatial information. Hiked to the edge of the volcano crater and viewed the hot water spring and boiling mud up close at Tangkuban Parahu.  We saw the gigantic telescope with a 60cm diameter and 10.7 m focal length use to observe stars, moon’s craters, planets, comets and other heavenly bodies at Bosscha Observatory.

We had the chance of adrenaline rush from flying like a bird, with the flying-fox challenges at Bandung treetop Adventure Park. We also explored the geological museum with around 6 000 displayed of fossils and life size dinosaur replicas, intermingled with some real fossils of giant land turtles, hippo's and other creatures. Lunch on the floating market, and experience being a cowboy and cowgirl at “De Ranch” in Lembang. Learned and experienced playing Angklung and witnessed the amazing dance and musical presentation at the Udjo's house of Angklung. Last but not the least, we explored the Ragunan zoo for primates such as gorillas, chimpanzees, white apes, and gibbons.


The students have enjoyed the trip so much as they able to learn many things while they have recreation at the same time. Amelia said that, “First, thank you for giving us a chance for having this kind of field trip. I really enjoy it, especially I really feel cool and excited of visiting BMKG, BIG, and Bosscha. Not only that, all the places that we’ve visited are so nice and cool. We literally having fun and forgot the traffic jam!”. Euvann said that “I enjoyed this field trip. I like to visit Tangkuban Perahu mountain because the weather is so cool and the scenery is so amazing.” Also Diva said “All the presentations and the shows were so much fun. All topics we discussed were so interesting and everybody particiapted well. Making more memories, experiences, and know more about the Indonesian Cultures was amazing.” Beside that, Benny, Hazel, Sachio, Felix, and Abel said that they dislike the unpredictable traffic, having lunch on the bus, hot weather and also waking up early, but it was worth the wait visiting those places. Got to learn new things is the best experiences, they said.

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