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SGIA Participates and Wins an Award in the 16th Harvard Model Congress Asia

Sekolah Global Indo-Asia was honoured to take part in the 16th Harvard Model Congress Asia (HMCA) held at the University of Tokyo, Japan from 11 - 13 January 2020. The conference was attended by 44 schools from various countries, with over 500 delegates. Eight students from Sekolah Global Indo-Asia, all first-timers to HMCA, ranging from Grades 9 - 10, participated in this year’s conference.  HMC Asia, or Harvard Model Congress Asia, is a government simulation conference held annually in the various countries of Asia, with hundreds of delegates participating each year, some of which represent their schools, and others being individual delegates. During the conference, students collaborate with their fellow delegates to discuss the pressing issues in the world today as well as debate and form resolutions to address these issues. SGIA students were assigned to five committees where they collaborated with students from schools across Asia and Canada to address assorted global problems. The committees were: House Foreign Affairs (Domestic Committee), Historical Committee (Special Committee), World Bank, World Trade Organisation, and World Health Organisation (International Committees). From improving US-Turkey relations to proposing solutions to help resolve the HIV/AIDS crisis, the students applied prior knowledge and weeks of research into their activities in the conference, such as delivering speeches, engaging with debates and making resolutions.


One Grade 9 student, Reynhard Seaghan Sudjono, won a First Honorable Mention award at the 16th session of the HMCA. He represented Norway in World Health Organization Committee. Reynhard, together with fellow delegates from SGIA, unwaveringly and confidently took part in resolving the individual crises of their committee and became well-acquainted with their fellow delegates and chairs from Harvard University. The conference lasted for three days - full of speaking, debating, collaborating and brainstorming effective solutions to unsolved crises. This conference was truly a great learning experience for the students, and even after the event was over, delegates remained overjoyed to have participated in such a prestigious conference. The weeks of research and painstaking preparation had paid off, and the delegates gained an experience of a lifetime.


SGIA sent eight delegates to the congress and here’s what they have to say about it:

HMCA gave me the opportunity to meet fellow students from other parts of the world. This was truly an exciting experience to collaborate with other delegates whose passion for public speaking and debating were admirable.Reynhard Seaghan Sudjono (Grade 9)

HMCA was an amazing experience: new ideas, new perspectives and new friends.

- Jeffry Jonathan (Grade 9)

HMCA has taught me to be responsible and to always believe in myself. I will not forget this experience, and I shall cherish it forever.Udrawina Damar Kahuripan (Grade 9)


HMCA was a thrilling and fun experience, albeit feeling anxious and having sense of unrest at first. I got to meet and work with delegates from different countries and I would definitely join another conference like this.Aow Sili Sara (Grade 10)

HMCA was a thrilling experience where I got to fiercely debate with people from around the world. It gave me a lasting experience and new knowledge about the most pressing issues faced around the world.

Duke DJ Saputra (Grade 10)

Cool yet scary experience, there were so many intimidating and experienced delegates in my committee,, and I would say I’m quite fortunate. I got to learn many things especially public speaking, research and collaboration. Jile Fitria Ateta Ginting (Grade 10)


HMCA was a great opportunity for me to gain experience on how to make speeches, do public speaking, learn how to debate and be open-minded. It was interesting for me to hear every side of a problem from different countries and create solutions to address the issues.

Catherine Junus Tan (Grade 10)

By joining HMCA, I have met people from various countries, with different skills as well. This really amused me and actually taught me how to get better at public speaking.

Clarissa Ardalin Cendera (Grade 10)

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