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University Trip to Jakarta & Bandung

3-8 September 2018

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The University Trip was created to facilitate our grade 12 students to gain information about university life, including majors of study, subject lessons, prerequisites for registration, student activities, campus facilities, university life-style and so on. While some of our students might already be confident with their major choice, others are still in the process of deciding, as well as considering whether to continue their studies in Indonesia or overseas.

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This year we visited seven universities: two government universities, namely Universitas Indonesia in Depok and Universitas Padjajaran in Jatinangor, West Java, and five top leading private universities in Jakarta, Tangerang and Bandung: Universitas Pelita Harapan;  Bina Nusantara University; Universitas Prasetiya Mulya; Swiss-German University; and Universitas Maranatha. Some prime major faculties that our students were interested in visiting were: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Art and Design, Faculty of Business and Economic, Faculty of Hospitality Business and Faculty of Mechanical and Engineering. Every university greeted us very well and showed hospitality that deeply impressed us - they even created short workshops for our students and provided very clear information about their curricula, activities and life style at their campuses. This trip gave us new perspectives of many discipline majors and about their excellent facilities to support the learning process.

On the last day of the trip we visited Bandung Treetop for an outbound activity and Pandora Experience for a team building activity. In this session, the students were challenged to conquer their fears by engaging in challenging physical activities in Bandung Treetop. They also learned how to work together as a team to solve one episode of mystery in Pandora Experience. They displayed a high level of enthusiasm and enjoyment for these activities. Overall this field trip was considered successful in delivering what we expected, to open the students’ minds about potential local universities if they do not study abroad, to learn more about the faculty majoring options and the facilities of universities in Jakarta and Bandung, and to have some fun and some good memories before they graduate.

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Students opinion and impression about this field trip :

Vindy Vanessa (Grade 12 CAIE) – “After joining this trip, I personally think that this trip was a definite highlight of my last year in high school. Visiting one campus to the other has allowed me to understand more on what a university is expecting from a high school graduate. Moreover, some universities are even kind enough to show us what it is like to actually study in that particular field, for example, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, showcased a cooking demo and a real-life simulation where every one of us was involved. Aside from the universities giving us a glimpse towards university life, we were also told on how to fill the SBMPTN school choices from UNPAD, which in my opinion was highly beneficial for me”.

Shizuka (Grade 12 IBDP) – “Aside from university visits, we had other experiences which exerted our stamina and physical effort. One of them was the Bandung Tree Top Adventure Park. This activity really drained my stamina because I needed to climb up the ropes, walking on small steps and other obstacles above ground. The other activity was the Pandora Experience. It involved problem solving as well as horror—my group got the scariest one and most of my group mates aren’t good with horrors so I got to experiences their hello kitty out from their muscular body. The overall trip was not only educational but it also full of fun experiences for me and my friends, and I was able to bond with them more, especially on the Pandora Experience”.

Vincent Kurniawan (Grade 12 IBDP) – “I’ve gained more insights and knowledge about what it’s like to study within local universities. Since I’m currently studying in an international school, I had the tendency to think international universities are more superior in terms of the quality of education and facilities being provided to the students compared to local universities; this is not always true. The trip overall was not only very educational and insightful, but also rigorous yet fun at the same time”.

Monica (Grade 12 CAIE) – “My upgrade to maturity was also fully tested during our trip to Pandora Experience. It was my first time ever experiencing such escape game adventure with a group; it showed me how teamwork plays a major key role to completing the challenge. As a person who highly prefers working independently, the Pandora Experience actually altered my ideology in which a group of people working together with one goal can actually move mountains; also applies to my future later if I were to become a surgeon”.

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