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        Thank you for visiting the Sekolah Global Indo-Asia admission page. We understand what an important decision finding the educational fit for your student is to your family and we are here to help you in this journey.

        Our culture is one that you will not find anywhere else in Batam, one that facilitates students how to think, not what to think. Our community thrives in preparing our students for an ever-changing world by facilitating the skills that necessary to be an adaptable, passionate, and resilient learner.

       I invite you to explore our website, though what you will not find on our website is the culture and environment of SGIA. For this, I invite you to visit our school, the care that they take with our students, and the love of learning by our students. I look forward to working with your family and seeing you on campus soon.




       Sekolah Global Indo-Asia (SGIA) accepts application for enrollment from Pre- K through Grade 12. The criteria for accepting students is based on a number of factors (school records, test results, age, interview, etc), pertaining to the grade in which the student wishes to enroll.


       Sekolah Global Indo-Asia (SGIA) accept students from diverse school backgrounds with a range of academic abilities. However, the school reserves the right to refuse admission to students whose educational or physical needs cannot be well served by the school or to those with references indicating that their enrollment may be detrimental to the school.

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