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        Sekolah Global Indo-Asia (SGIA) places the students at the centre of the teaching-learning process, embraces the diversity of its students, parents, teachers, and non-teaching staff; and explores the opportunities to respect and learn from a variety of cultures, attitudes, beliefs, and experiences. The school ensures the integration of best research and practices from different national curricula.


        SGIA aims to provide a comprehensive and balanced program that focuses on acquiring a wide range of significant knowledge, developing essential skills, fostering positive attitudes, and providing opportunities for meaningful action and social service.


        SGIA students are exposed to a broad variety of subject areas in order to facilitate a well-balanced education, which guides students in discovering their particular interests, talents, and abilities for use in the future. 


        This philosophy allows programs to be directed toward individual development and enrichment in the following areas: intellectual, physical, moral, spiritual, and social. Each school day incorporates citizenship training, character development, personal values, and ethics. Emphasis is placed on instilling respect for citizens of all nations and specifically the heritage of Indonesia. Students graduating from SGIA are well-prepared for entry into English speaking universities throughout the world.

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