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In assessing teacher qualifications for potential employment at our school the following criteria are considered.

An initial degree in a general or specific subject area. Preference is given to the following academic training:

  • Primary School, A teaching degree in elementary / primary education or a degree in the area of specialization with an education certification. PYP training and experience is preferred

  • Secondary School, A degree in the subject area(s), and teacher certification required. IGCSE and/or A Level training and experience is preferred. Training in a second discipline will be highly regarded

In addition, the following criteria are also considered:

  • At least two years of successful full-time experience at an accredited primary or secondary school

  • Demonstrates superior knowledge of subject area and can teach the subject at an appropriate level

  • Demonstrates a knowledge and understanding of current best practices in education

  • Demonstrates an understanding of and ability to work with EAL (or limited English proficiency) students in the regular classroom

  • Communicates effectively and positively as a team member as well as with parents in the community

  • Demonstrates a history of flexibility and adaptability to new situations

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