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The Amazing Earth

How is the earth formed? What is inside the earth? Will the earth explode one day?

These are the grade 3 students’ inquiries on the central idea of  “Geological changes alter life on Earth” was discussed. Students were so enthusiastic when they were challenged to explore How the World Works. Library research and watching video were not enough for them as they wanted to know more about the earth where they live on.

Therefore, a field trip to Ocarina Beach took place as reclamation was happening at that time. They observed on how reclamation happened, what happened before reclamation and what might happen after reclamation. They also learnt about abrasion and how to prevent abrasion through this field trip. Having field trip was not enough for them. It only showed a bit about things happen on the crust. What could be found in the crust?


Mr. Ahmad Mirza, father of Ahmad Hakim Pideksa, was invited as grade 3 resource speaker to share his experience dealing with one layer of earth namely “crust”. As a Quality Assurance Engineer in PETRONAS, he and his team identified and explored where they could dig the crust for oil. Through his explanation and experiment, students got better understanding on things can be found in the crust and how human utilized the resource found. Besides, he shared about the changes on earth which might happen slowly due to this activity.

Hakim's father-resource speaker_001.jpg

It was indeed an educating experience with the speaker. Thanks to Mr. Ahmad Mirza for sharing his knowledge to our class.

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