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Arthur Farellio Her Pratama

SGIA Grade 12 students have received early acceptance to reputable and world-renowned universities. Arthur Farellio Her Pratama,  from the Class of 2022 IBDP cohort, received  an offer from the  University of Indonesia and  Waseda University , Japan  to pursue Global Political Economy.

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How long have you been at SGIA?

I’ve been in SGIA for three years. I enrolled in Grade 10

Why did you decide to apply to the universities that you did?

It was the prestige and high quality education that University of Indonesia offered, along with encouragement from my parents that became the reasons as to why I applied to the university. Waseda is also another university that I applied to, as I am interested in the world- class education system that the university offers, along with the excitement about the opportunity of studying in Japan.

How did you feel after receiving admission offers / acceptance letters?

I was really scared to hit the refresh button of the University of Indonesia's website to see the results of my admission. Although, the excitement and happiness I felt after seeing my university student number shown in the website was through the roof. I immediately jumped with glee and showed it to my parents.

How has the SGIA IB Diploma Programme helped prepare you?

IBDP, while challenging, has helped me to better manage my time as I learned the consequences of procrastination through it. Furthermore, the knowledge I learnt through the IBDP is invaluable and  indispensable  for  not  only  my  university  course  later  on,  but  also  throughout  my life as I am a life-long learner.

Tell us about your university application / admission journey?

Truth be told, my application to University of Indonesia was not something that I looked forward to with a positive attitude. I was pessimistic about the results of my application and did not expect that I would get in. But my parents persisted and through God, my outlook of the application changed and I garnered a more positive attitude. Though, the results of my application were still unexpected.

What advice do you have for Grade 10 and 11 students who are preparing for their university journey?

For  those  wondering  how  I  got  into  the  University  of  Indonesia without any placement tests, I enrolled using the Talent Scouting route, where the university determines my acceptance through my report card grades. My advice to you is to do your best in your studies. Report card matters, more than you think it does!

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