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ATL : Teaching the SGIA Millennials

How to engage millennials in today’s education system? It is a challenging task for educators to meet the needs of these students. Laid back strategies in teaching which are more authoritarian teaching style may not work because these learners prefer to have learning environment that have less pressure, more simple and more freedom in doing their tasks and expressing their ideas.

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To meet these challenges, teachers need to be more innovative in designing meaningful activities and use applicable teaching pedagogies during the teaching and learning process. The methodologies in delivering the lessons play a very significant role for effective learning and to sustain the attention and interest of students within one or two hours of learning.

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The SGIA teachers continue to improve in this area by conducting series of workshops focusing on the Approaches to Teaching and Learning as part of their professional development program. The sharing is conducted by assigned teachers by providing activities that been directed in their classes that made impact in delivering their lessons.

The strategies that been shared for the first session (led by Ms. Charo Z. Narag on Friday 31 August 2018) include the use of brain breaks, call and response, whole brain teaching, move system and use of graphic organizers which  help improving the thinking, communication and social skills of the learners. In these methodologies, the teacher facilitates making the learning process more significant to the students.

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During the session, it was also emphasized the importance of application of knowledge rather than merely knowing the concepts. Exposure to relevant applications of the theories will help students appreciate why such subjects are offered in their curriculum.

Despite of tons of works, SGIA teachers manage to deliver meaningful lessons that develop students’ brilliant mind and positive character, the true mark of SGIA learners.

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